"Twitter went too far insulting the President of Nigeria and by extension insulted us" -Yemi Solade | ketuvibes

“Twitter went too far insulting the President of Nigeria and by extension insulted us” -Yemi Solade

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Popular Nollywood actor and producer, Yemi Solade has reacted to the ban on Twitter operations by the federal government of Nigeria.

Recall that the Nigerian Government suspended the operations of the microblogging platform some days ago. Reacting to this, Yemi Solade during an interview said that Twitter went too far by insulting the president of Nigeria.

According to the Yoruba actor, the insult on the President translates to an insult on over 200 million Nigerians. He went ahead to say that Nigerians are the ones making Twitter to be thick and as such they should be respected.


(Yemi Solade)

Yemi Solade said that this is not the first time that Twitter has tried to humiliate Nigerians, he claimed that they tried to humiliate Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The Nollywood producer said that though he is an advocate for freedom of speech, platforms like Twitter should not be used to ferment trouble or cause anarchy.

He said though he is not a fan of Twitter but he is aware that a lot has been happening on the platform. You can watch the video Here.

What is your opinion based on what Yemi Solade has said?

Do you agree with him that Twitter insulted the president by deleting his post?

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