Mp3 Download (Audio): Femi – Heist + Mr Nobody

Femi – Heist + Mr Nobody

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Femi – Heist + Mr Nobody

As the music titled Heist and Mr Nobody which is two track music that came with two different title which was dropped by a multi-talented artist Femi that bring through some sensational speech out of his music bring up some sense indeed.

Was further said that music that was released by Femi it’s not just two track but up to 5 tracks which put some impact in experience he has foregone and will also lay out some lesson to his follow Nigeria’s once they listen to it.

His Extended play will soon be out which will compromise of all his project with the list of all tracks just like Heist & Mr Nobody. Which the artist has also put in speech with different kinds of crisis that has happen in the country Nigeria.

Femi music will drive how and what he feels about his country and also share with other’s view this music.

He also talk mostly about how politics are being run which is what should catch people attention mostly in the city and states you can learn more about Femi when you listen to the music listen and download for free below.

Download latest Nigeria music by Femi Below.

Listen To Heist By Femi

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Listen To Mr Nobody By Femi

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